Beyond Facebook: Where lies the Real Social Media for Your Business?

Sure, every business has a Facebook page these days but did you know where lies the real social media for your business, brand or company?

In the height of the litigation craze that Facebook is facing after Yahoo sued it for patent issues, Facebook’s influence and success is still undeniable. Facebook is definitely the largest and the most powerful social network in the face of the web and this made the company very successful.

This is wonderful development for Facebook, but where do businesses, that use Facebook for online advertising, come in? Surely not in the bottom line as these businesses are not cashing in when Facebook does.Facebook Pages are cool! But is that all there is?

Businesses cannot complain though, they are not paying Facebook for their Facebook “space”, Facebook pages are free to create after all. But these businesses do invest time and money in building their pages and sad to say it doesn’t scale to the bottom line that they hoped it would.

For instance, a system tool business like PC Speed Up could build a Facebook page and create a lot of hype in that page about how speedy and how optimized the performance of a computer would be after using the system tool. But without Facebook users who would like and visit the page and enable other Facebook users in his or her own community to like and visit the page as well, all the hype would be useless!What Recent Studies Show Us about the limitation of Facebook?

A recent study by Ehrenberg-Bass Institute shows that approximately 1% of Facebook users who “like” Facebook pages revisit these pages and 99% don’t. This proves a point. Branding isn’t just about creating a page, it’s also about advertising the page and hoping that lots of people would like it and end up visiting it. It’s just like print ads, advertiser don’t just print pamphlets, they also give out these pamphlets and hope that prospect customers would read and like it and take action accordingly. So the question arises where lies the real social media for your business?

For real branding to take place, businesses should capitalize on a Facebook-like model and bring the social media experience to their own business – specifically to their own website. Businesses that build their own social community of loyal customers who really like their products and services tend to reap the rewards and benefits of riding the social media bandwagon faster than building a Facebook page.MicroTech’s Vision of Social Media

This is the reason why a real social media solution for businesses is of great importance nowadays. It is a great time to be creative and this is what a trusted technology and systems integration company named MicroTech just did. It launched its social media command center which was designed to give businesses a highly advanced and result-oriented social media experience.

To be able to achieve its ambitious goals, MicroTech’s algorithm involves gathering and consolidating every publicly obtainable data regarding a business. Including but not limited to blogs, reviews, videos, forums, chats, status updates, and the like.

All gathered data will then be used for analytics that will form intelligent and well-founded decisions for the business’ products and services. Businesses need not to be concerned with issues in data breach though because the whole process will be implemented with utmost regard to the business’ privacy protection.Isn’t that an awesome idea?

If successful, MicroTech’s clients will gain heavy benefits in employing the advanced social media scheme – businesses will have fast discovery and response to its customer’s interests and preference. Online reputation will be greatly enhanced, customer loyalty and contentment will be improved significantly, and so much more!

Now that’s real social media for businesses! Surely lots of business owners hope that this scheme will prove to be effective and efficient. Fingers will be crossed.

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By Jason Smith

Jason is founder and writer at shadowlounge.

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