Top 7 Google Adsense WordPress Plugins For Your Blog

We have collected the most top 7 google adsense wordpress plugins and listed out them here for you. There is nothing quite like Google Adsense to monetize a blog. It is important that the advert display matches the theme of the blog in size and color.

You don’t have to worry about customizing an Adsense display with a WordPress blog as hundreds of plugins are available to tweak the code for a suitable display that goes well with the overall theme of your blog. Most people even use these WordPress Adsense plugins when they are publishing their blog to a custom domain.

1. Advertising Manager: This is a dynamic plugin that allows Adsense code to be added at various locations while the post or page is being prepared. Advertisement code could be added to appear in these following places of your blog:

  • below the title of a post on the home page
  • below the title of a post on the post page
  • below the content of a post on the post page
  • below the title of an open page
  • below the content of an open page
  • below the comments box
  • above the header, and below the footer.

2. AdSense Attachment Page: This is a great plugin to use when you don’t want to clutter the screen and want big images to be displayed in a new window. This plugin shows a basic thumbnail image which expands to a full-size image in a new window when the user clicks on it. The plugin could be tweaked to show images in small size only.

3. AdSense Revenue Sharing: This plugin is great for people who want to display an Adsense advert in all the posts, or most of the posts. The plugin is easy to use as it requires the use of a tag. Bloggers could also share their Adsense adverts with friends and co-writers of the blog.

4. AdSense Under Image: This special plugin is for bloggers who want the Adsense advert to appear right beneath the first image in every post. The advert does not appear if a post does not have an image. The plugin also works only for pages with a single post.

5. WhyDoWork AdSense Plugin: This is a simple plugin that saves you the trouble of altering the template of your blog. You could even use this plugin to program your blog to show particular or different AdSense adverts for posts that have been posted a specific number of days ago!

6. Easy AdSense: This is a full-feature plugin that provides complete control over your Adsense code placement. It comes with a wide range of options and tweaking capability. You could choose to place the advert code in the sidebars or in the main text of posts. A search bar via Google is also available to use with the plugins.

7. AdSense Now!: This is one of the simplest plugins to use for a WordPress blog for Adsense adverts. Use it to place up to three AdSense blocks at various places in your posts or pages. You could actually use this plugin to place ads even before you have written the posts or pages.

There are several other Adsense plugins available. However, as of now, these seem to be the top 7 Google Adsense WordPress plugins that promise flexibility and simplicity of use.

NOTE: Do remember that no matter which plugin you use, your blog should adhere to the basic AdSense regulations otherwise your Adsense account would be banned. Adsense has specific regulations about the positioning of the adverts and the content of the blog.

Moreover, AdSense plugins aside, do you know that WordPress even comes with AdSense-ready themes? Several of these themes are free and all set with the right kind of AdSense widgets. Another tip would be to make sure you have high speed connectivity to be able to upload adsense ad widgets and html codes to your sites. Check out Att uverse coupon code offers they will help you save on your internet service.

By Jason Smith

Jason is founder and writer at shadowlounge.

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